All prostitution is Human Trafficking

Minors prostitutes are all victims of Trafficking

The pimp caused the female to prostitute

Anything the pimp does is controlling the prostitute

All prostitutes are victims

Females do not have the ability to make their own decisions to become a prostitute


One side in a criminal case always needs to Manage the Story Line (or you can say manipulate the true story) because the true facts seldom support a crime beyond simple pimping.

LA County sheriff’s deputy, James Sexton - Don't take this guy to a crime, he will snitch on you!

The Godfather and Godmother of America's newest Organized Crime family - US Dept of Justice

In 2013 the U.S.D.O.J. starting offering grant money to local Law enforcement for the enforcement of Human Trafficking.

The U.S.D.O.J. has a 58-page grant agreement local L.E. must sign to start getting the grant money. Part of the money is then distributed to the local Prosecutor's office (this is known as a sub-grantee)

Once the LE agency accepts the money (this includes all sub-grantees) the accepting agency must comply with the contract. The grant contract for all LE in the United Stated states the L.E. agency must enforce the Human Trafficking laws according to the federal law, which states all pimping of minors shall be prosecuted as human trafficking regardless of state laws.

This grant takes away all discretion from local L.E. and prosecutors from how to charge a criminal defendant.

Paul Tanaka, the once feared and powerful former second in command of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchins

No wonder, she came from the LA Sheriff's Dept. She oversaw a major jailhouse snitch scandal and tried to obstruct justice

Chief Randy Adams - Bell Gardens Police

$ 288,000.00 per year for 80 man police department. More than the LAPD Chief of Police! The DA let him skate and went after his crime partners. City council members. Corruption piling up!

    Expertise of Robert P. Royce

  • Court Qualified Expert in Human Trafficking:
    • California Superior Courts
    • Court-appointed Expert in United States District Court
  • Expert Panel Maricopa County Arizona Public Defense Services
  • Expert Panel San Diego County Office of Assigned Counsel
  • Los Angeles County Superior Court Investigator Panel - Specialist with Human Trafficking Investigations
  • U.C. Irvine School of Law / Criminal Justice Program -contract investigator for the Pro Bono Program


Follow the Money

Former Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca - Not only ordering the FBI obstruction, he received more gifts in a one year period than all other 56 CA Sheriffs combined! Corruption?

Ty William “Tom” Carey, 58, a former captain of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

Consider a bench trial -

Avoid the emotional impact on naive jury members 

Tony Rackauckas

Orange County District Attorney

Agencies / Groups Training provided

  • Orange Co. Pub. Def Office
  • San Bernardino Pub Def Office
  • LA County Court Panel of Investigators
  • Professional Investigators of California Assoc.
  • Los Angeles Co. Bar Assoc.
  • W. Orange County Bar Assoc.
  • N.A.A.C.P.
  • Los Angeles Co. Public Defender's - Compton Office

Most of us simply call them Gorilla Pimps

The new American Organized Crime Family - The US Dept. of Justice

O​Human Trafficking Court Expert to

Bringing Balance to the Courtroom

Stop Wrongful Convictions

The benefits received from my services

  • I provide information to assist you at trial. 
  • An unbiased complete opinion.
  • I help you develop questions to ask the investigating officer, police expert and each individual victim.
  • I will assist the trier of fact with understanding that lifestyle and environment can be the cause and reason the person began prostituting. It not always a third person responsible, never blame the victim.
  • Educate the trier of fact on the differences between a pimp and a human trafficker.
  • Explain the phase sequences occurring during a trafficking event
  • Explain the importance with understanding how isolation and control work hand in hand with traffickers.
  • I can explain how to measure if the intent to maintain the violation was accomplished.

                                                                                              Trial Issues 

Counsel will frequently imply that human trafficking and pimping are the same. They also frequently interchange the titles in the same sentence. These deceptive methods are used to attempt to persuade either the court or the jury.

Counsel will imply that V’s apparent knowledge of some terms commonly used in a pimp-prostitute relationship is sufficient to establish that she had such a relationship with D.

It is not uncommon for either counsel or their investigator to use threats or intimidation to cause a defense witness to invoke the Fifth Amendment and refuse to testify on the defendant’s behalf. This is often discovered in the audio recorded statement of the prostitute.

Counsel’s expert will often be used to influence and prejudice the jury. The culture of pimping has no relevance to any element of the crime(s)

Subliminal innuendo/messages are often used by counsel. Some have been documented by counsel stacking numerous binders on or near their table and never referring to them. This may mislead the jury into believing there is much more evidence collected by the police than counsel is allowed to use at trial. Counsel will make reference to the thousands of pages of downloaded information but never introduce all of them at trial or make references to a lot more evidence that could be presented (officers will fall into this category). Counsel asking an alleged victim if she lives out of state and was brought back for trial implies she was relocated and hiding out of fear

 Two Investigation Methods

Officers use only two methods while investigating a Human Trafficking case.

1. Evidence-Based

  • Collect Corroborating evidence and corroborating witness statements.
  • Strong Fact Pattern

2. Opinion Based (Most common)

  • Exculpatory Evidence Disappears
  • Exculpatory leads are ignored
  • Weak Fact Pattern
  • Incomplete investigation
  • Focus on finding Guilt and not the truth.
  • Linkage Blindness

 State of Mind

You must establish with the accuser their state of mind about many different issues.

One of those issues is whether the accuser is dealing with the emotional state of regret and is ashamed of her decision to prostitute and doesn't understand how her personal and family history of events was the underlining reason which caused, persuaded or induced her to sell her body and not necessarily another person (the belief that another person is always responsible for a person's prostitution activity is a false narrative repeated by those with bias opinions). 

Government agents (police and prosecutors) and all most all human trafficking case-workers (social workers and NGOs) will pound into the alleged victim's minds that only the accused is responsible for their prostitution activities and never explain to the alleged victims that their history is a major influencing factor on their choice and behavior. This is more commonly called manipulation!

Robert Royce - Lecture at Los Angeles County Bar Assoc.

Wall of Shame - How I define

Police Corruption? 

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 Human Trafficking Expert / LBPD Vice Detective 

“Prostitution is like a drug, if you don’t treat it, guess what, you're going right back to it. Why? Because the money's fast and the lifestyle is attractive. Girls on the track you get to talk to your wifey’s and hoe-socializing. The people, the environment, in the hotels getting high and partying and having a good time”