Defense Investigation Group, Inc.

Private Investigators Dedicated to Exposing Wrongful Accusations

What we do for you -

Clear your good name and restore your good reputation

Interview witnesses and document their statements

Evidence collection - We use the best Social Media research company located on the East coast for digging into social media (tells many stories) associated with your accuser. We obtain a complete address history on the accuser and we check those court records and if needed, we canvas those neighborhoods for character witnesses to determine any negative type of reputation they may have.

Background check the accuser's criminal and civil litigation history

Gather character evidence on the accusers to understand their reputation in the community for being (or not being) truthful and honest

We have relationships with forensic experts in various fields from DNA to cell phone examiners and more...

Locate mitigating evidence to bring forward to assist clearing your good name and reputation.

Robert P. Royce

Lecture at the Los Angeles County Bar Association

We help you to defend against Wrongful Allegations

Accuser's allegations should be "trusted but verified" - stop destroying the innocent accused

Saving your Reputation

Stop the "Witch Hunt" you are facing. These types accusations are very fashionable and are used for the sole purpose by some people to "get back at you" for completely unrelated conflicts. Those types of accusers need to be exposed!

If you are facing an accusation of (non-criminal) sexual harassment or other types of harassment allegations, you need an investigator, not an attorney

The accuser's side in a harassment allegation will try to Manage the Story Line (or you can say manipulate the true story) because the true facts seldom support an allegation.

Poor Defenses

  • The accuser is just a cry baby
  • The accuser is nuts or a slut (understand strippers can be victims of sexual harassment)
  • Icey Bitch
  • Close friend
  • Juicy emails
  • Self-absorbed feminist
  • Nosey Nelly
  • Silence equals consent
  • That's just the way I am
  • Too ugly to be harassed

Character Counts

During our years as researchers, we have been challenged by prosecutors on cross-examination through-out the state of California and United States District Court. Those government officials have done their opposition research on us and we are also very clean and there is nothing about us that would be used against our work product. Most researchers have never been through that type of intense government vetting and survived.

The investigation to defend allegations of sexual harassment/sexual misconduct require an investigator with experience with interviewing accusers and witnesses in very sensitive matters. We meet those requirements.


Private Investigators Los Angeles area

Meet the Team

Hard work and desire make us the choice for your research needs.

Robert has 35 years of investigative experience. Robert has conducted over 30 investigations on people accused of involvement in Organized Crime activity, over 415 murder cases, over 200 sex cases and is the only court qualified expert in California who testifies for either the defense or prosecution on Human Trafficking cases. 

Reggie has over 40 years of investigative experience with over 300 sexual misconduct cases and murders. Reggie has testified in both state and federal court about various subjects. 

Zaira has been with the company for three years and is a recent graduate of Cal State Los Angeles. She is a Spanish speaker and expert court records researcher and interviewer.