Dedicated to Preventing Wrongful Convictions

"a lie remains the truth Until it is challenged"

experience counts

  • Several hundred murder investigations

           completed for the defense (about 400)

  • Over 30 death penalty cases
  • Over 4000 various felony cases
  • Sex Trafficking / Pimping & Pandering​

Why us?

A professional and experienced defense investigator can find issues which are responsible for wrongful convictions or will reduce or eliminate the client's criminal liability prior to trial. It starts with dedication and caring about the quality of the investigation. I'm your investigator to get the work completed and provide you with a high-quality work product, which will have a positive effect on the outcome of the case.

Our Investigations are outside the box (but within all laws). We look for the government blind spots and exploit the poor work product of those with arrogant and elitist attitudes. This is where the government weaknesses on many of their cases reside. 

Why does our work product help so many attorneys win cases?

1st - We find the witness

2nd - It's the interview!

I understand the law and keep up with the latest case decisions and incorporate that knowledge into the way I phrase my questions to witnesses and victims. I have a very good understanding of what defense attorneys need and require in the courtroom to be able to present evidence and/or impeach witnesses. 

Our office maintains an active subscription to Westlaw Next. We research case law and other relevant information for each case before we interview a single witness or victim.

An investigator is an extension of the attorney, I dress well, know what I'm talking about, prepared for the interview and all assignments, I'm confident and my presentation is always polished. These things lead to being a winner and making the attorney look better to his peers, clients, and the court.

 "If a lie is not challenged, it remains the truth"

Practice Areas

FEDERAL     -      STATE     -      MILITARY

Defense Investigation Group, Inc.

Private Investigators Dedicated to Exposing Wrongful Accusations

Specialized investigations

  • Murder - Contract
  • Murder - Serial
  • Murder - Cold Case
  • Death Penalty-Guilt/Penalty
  • Organized Crime
  • Human Trafficking
  • ​Labor Trafficking
  • Witness Locates
  • Military Justice
  • ​Government Lies
  • Human Organ Trafficking

We are the choice of Police Officers for their defense when they are accused with criminal activity.

How many defense investigators can say this?